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Combined Sewers

Over 700 communities throughout the Midwest and across the United States have aging and problematic combined sewers that can cause major flooding and pollution concerns during wet weather. From CSO abatement strategies to Long Term Control Planning, we don’t just design gray infrastructure; we develop unique, holistic solutions that account for the latest regulatory changes, newest technologies, and system-specific challenges faced by our clients.

Wet Weather Pumping and Treatment Thumbnail

The City of Fort Wayne retained Donohue & Associates to design major improvements to its 550 mgd Wet Weather Pump Station (WWPS).

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The City of Goshen retained Donohue & Associates for a CSO abatement project, which was designed to enable the City to accomplish all of its LTCP requirements within a single 5-year discharge permit cycle.

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Modeling and Long Term Control Plan Update Thumbnail

Donohue has developed a robust MIKE URBAN hydrologic/hydraulic model capable of simulating dry and wet weather flows from the varied service areas including direct runoff and rainfall dependent inflow and infiltration.

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CSO 039 Basin Thumbnail

Donohue designed the new facility including a 3-mg underground storage/primary treatment tank, a flow control structure, submersible lift station with 7200 gallons per minute (gpm) duplex pumping system, flow monitoring equipment, tank flushing system for odor control, and associated piping.

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