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Goshen, Indiana

2013 ACEC Indiana Honor Award

Donohue & Associates and the City of Goshen, Indiana, received an Honor Award in the 2013 ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence competition. The award recognizes a CSO abatement project that enabled the City to accomplish all of its LTCP requirements within a single 5-year permit cycle. The project included a wet weather detention facility, a CSO diversion pump station at the wastewater treatment facility, a 90-inch CSO trunk line sewer, and SCADA upgrades.

This project was one of the first in the state of Indiana to be designed in full compliance with IDEM’s Nonrule Policy Water-016, which allows communities to implement a CSO treatment basin instead of more costly CSO abatement alternatives. Based on the success of this project, several Indiana municipalities have sought develop their Long Term Control Plans using this methodology.

The WWTP and CSO facilities are fully automated—including dewatering of storage tanks, pump station wet wells, and force mains. The wet weather detention facility was designed for multiple operation modes in order to provide flexibility—they can be operated in series or separately filled to achieve a higher level of solids removal and to minimize the formation of disinfection byproducts. The facility also includes three of the largest wastewater grinders manufactured to date for protecting four 53-mgd pumps.