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Chicago, Illinois

2014 ACEC Illinois Grand Conceptor Award (Donohue as Subconsultant)

The Wacker Drive and Congress Parkway Interchange project, a massive $300+ million infrastructure improvement in downtown Chicago, earned the prestigious ACEC 2014 Grand Conceptor Award, the top award in Illinois. Located in the heart of Chicago, this roadway, bridge and tunnel improvement project involved complex staging to keep 135,000 vehicles and a staggering 150,000 pedestrians moving through the construction zone every day.

Donohue’s contribution to the award-winning project included engineering services for the design of Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Stormwater Pump Station No. 7, which has a capacity of 12.96 million gallons per day (mgd). The design included the replacement of the existing pump station. The new station included a super-structure to house electrical and control equipment as well as a sub-level with screening and submersible pumping equipment.  The station receives dual power feeds from Commonwealth Edison and is equipped with a motor control center with built in automatic throw-over system, lighting panel, fire alarm system, security system, and building lighting. Special project challenges included the design of a new structure under Congress Parkway and maintaining pumping capacity during construction. The pump station provides protection for the recently renovated Wacker Drive.

 Donohue was a subconsultant to TY LIN on this project.