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June 29, 2016

City of Whitewater Receives $707,500 Grant for Wastewater Improvements

City of Whitewater Receives $707,500 Grant for Wastewater Improvements Header Image

The City of Whitewater is currently upgrading its wastewater treatment facility to address aging equipment and infrastructure as well as to enhance wastewater treatment performance. The facility has an average day flow of 1.5 million gallons with a maximum capacity of 11 million gallons per day. To help fund the $20.7 million construction project, the City of Whitewater recently received a $707,500 grant through the Wisconsin DNR’s Clean Water Fund Principal Forgiveness loan program.

The project is slated for startup in May 2018 and entails many aspects:

  • Removal of an existing RBC secondary treatment system
  • New activated sludge system incorporating enhanced biological phosphorus removal
  • Additional aeration tankage
  • New secondary clarifiers
  • New return activated sludge pumping system
  • New wastewater activated sludge pumping and centrifuge thickening system
  • Administration building renovation
  • Electrical system replacement
  • Accommodations for future tertiary filtering to achieve low-level phosphorus compliance
  • Accommodations for future total nitrogen removal strategies

Whitewater’s Wastewater Superintendent Tim Reel noted, “The team at Donohue and Associates assisted the City throughout the process, providing facility planning, design, construction phase services, and rate and loan assistance. At each juncture Donohue representatives responded in a timely, professional manner and were always willing to go the extra mile to answer questions and compare various alternatives. With their assistance, we look forward to all of the upgrades and improvements in process efficiencies that will benefit Whitewater for many years to come.”

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