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July 20, 2016

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Take Me Out to the Ball Game Header Image

America’s favorite pastime set the backdrop for Donohue’s recent weekend outing that was fun for the whole family. We enjoyed tailgating prior to the game with our group that included over 40 Donohue employees, family members, and friends.

“2016 marked our fourth company outing to Miller Park. Each year the group dynamic is unique as our company grows. This dynamic is one of the reasons I enjoy organizing this outing. It is always nice meeting the family members we hear so much about at work and enjoy some time away from the office,” remarked Donohue wastewater engineer Amber Marzahl.

One member of our group shares what she enjoyed most about the outing: “After the game they let kids onto the field to run around the bases. It was really cool to be out where the players are!” commented Taylor Gahagan, age 7, daughter of Kim Gahagan, structural engineer in the Sheboygan office.

Although the Brewers didn’t defeat the Cardinals, this outing was a win in our eyes!

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